What attendees are saying about us.

"Once again you did an awesome job! I had NO IDEA about the difference between Lymphedema vs Lipedema! OMG! That explains so much! Thank you for that!! You just gave me the tools to help so many more people!!" - Jeanette Warner

"Thanks for an interesting and educational day. I greatly appreciate your sense of humor and keeping the day flowing smoothly and introducing some new info and products." - James Falcone

"Thank you for the most amazing seminar ever. Everyone is in agreement on this. You worked so hard making the day go by with rapt attention from your audience. So much information explained so well, covering all bases and with humor. You are great Caroline!" - Susan Price

"First and foremost, thank you so much for all of your help and advice during that great class I attended in Bellevue on Wed. Also, loved Caroline...so much energy. Some classes I want to fall asleep, but not this one!" - Susan Thomas

"I learned so much yesterday. I was excited to come to work today and share some of the things that I learned. I will be encouraging as many people here to take future courses that are offered." - Jennifer A. Moesenthin

"I'm just getting started and it may be slow, but Juzo was BY FAR the best presentation at the class and I will be using JUZO for my garments! Caroline was really very good!" - Tami Pohnert

"Even though I have been treating lymphedema for 12 years it is always good to have a refresher and learn about new products and ideas! I learned so much and it was fun!" - Becky Lotz PT, CLT

"I wanted to thank you for the great class yesterday. I learned a lot about Juzo garments. It helped me to get my previous knowledge organized. And it was really fun!!! Keep it up!" - Maria Swiatkowska MPT, CLT-LANA, Cert MDT

"This webinar was really exvellent and deeply appreciated. Please keep me on a list for further Juzo seminars." - Nancy Talsness Hordern

"Length of program, sequence of instruction, method of instruction & effectiveness of instruction. Easy to Follow, Excellent, Great Speakers!"

"I always feel more confidant when I leave & more informative about products & how to service our patients! Thank you!"

"Speakers utilized a lot of audiovisual aides, workbooks close to overhead content, easy to follow/find information."

"Good examples & visuals, hands-on provided for various garment types."

"Good overview on what is the lymphatic system and the appropriate products to treat."

"Seminar & presenters were excellent. Thank you for a job well done."

"Workshop content was detailed & well presented."

"I have learned a great deal more about products than I thought I knew."

"Everything in this program was beneficial."

"Excellent workshop, second one I have attended & I learned even more about Juzo products."

"Enjoyed the atmosphere of the class."

"The more we know the better - all good."

"Interjecting case studies was very effective."

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